Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mermaids and Merriment in Cardiff

Had a great time at the Cardiff Children's Literature Festival. It was certainly worth the eight hour journey through the snow! Thanks to all the lovely folks who came to see me at Chepstow Library on such a cold day. Great to meet you all, particularly lovely Matt, and family from Chepstow Book Shop!

Then it was on to the National Museum in Cardiff. What a brilliant venue! What a big room! I'm not used to doing big events on my own. I usually have Julia to hide behind! We all had a bit of fun doing some drawings, and I was given so many to take home! Thank you all!

I hope to visit again next year!

Well done to Helen Dunning and co. for a brilliantly run event! And big thanks of course to Lauren from Macmillan for getting me there! 


  1. How do you do these events??... you're braver than me. Terrifying!! shudder.

  2. I didn't know I was doing such a big event until the week before. By then it was too late! It's unnatural! I always vow I'll never do them again, but then when they go well, I enjoy them a little bit! I'm happier hiding, it has to be said.